Hong Kong and Asia


The University of Hong Kong

In 2018 Darren McLean became an Adjunct Assistant Professor teaching on the University of Hong Kong's Architecture department's Architecture Conservation Programme (ACP) responsible for:


  • Changes to the course content

  • Selection of guest speakers and lecturers

  • Selection of locations for site visit

  • Hands-on demonstrations of traditional techniques and use of materials




Much of 2017 was spent teaching in Yangon, Myanmar (Rangoon, Burma) for organisations responsible for the care of Yangon's amazing collection of historic buildings, of which many are at risk from the rush to develop the city. 
Responsibilities to demonstrate and teach:

  • Traditional masonry techniques and repair

  • Repair of Victorian Geometric floors

  • Work with local contractors who were tasked with the repair of the Yangon Parliament

Yangon Heritage Trust

Telephone: 0141 249 01910

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