About McLean Conservation Associates

We are a small team of independent consultants, specialising in the assessment of historic buildings and objects. We provide expert advice on the care and maintenance of these. 

Darren McLean

Starting his conservation career with an apprenticeship in carpentry, Darren has an MSc in Building Conservation and has worked as a practitioner of traditional skills, an educator and an advisor. In 2010 Darren formed Timber & Lime Conservation, where he has focused on the conservation and repair of historic buildings. In 2018, he was appointed an Adjunct Assistant Professor at The University of Hong Kong to teach materials and techniques in the postgraduate conservation curriculum.

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Raivis Austrins
With a degree in art history and vocational qualifications in carpentry, Raivis has over a decade of practical and theoretical experience throughout Europe with traditional log and timber framed historic structures. Raivis has been involved in many high profile restoration projects of historic monuments, including the post fire reconstruction of Riga Castle. Increasingly Raivis' time is spent on the creation of 3D drawings for the restoration and reconstruction and BIM modelling
Jonathan Schiavone 

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